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Real estate portal of Abbey Properties (Denia, Alicante), reference agency in the real estate sector of the La Marina Alta region. The main challenge in this project was the complex management of a high volume of data and graphic material, with multi-categorized information and automatic and permanent synchronization to external information services. It was necessary to implement specific algorithms to facilitate the searches and the sample of properties in a segmented way, according to the new requirements of the real estate market. The website makes use of various development and optimization technologies to cover the proposed requirements: XML Sync for interconnection with external media; specific PHP development for data import, update, automatic translations and segmented mail delivery; management of posts and fields of personalized type and advanced management of WordPress categories.

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The implementation of the WordPress SEO Speed ​​Pack played a vital role in the optimization of the web resources and its efficient performance in the public part.

Today, the project follows a continuous improve and updating process to keep the portal of Abbey Properties at the forefront among real estate websites, due to the full confidence of the company that Abbey Properties deposited in the AuralSolutions team from the beginning.

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