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The Golf Director website is oriented to the marketing and structured deployment of exclusive and specific content for golf course management professionals. The main subjects of the project were carried out in a masterfully coordinated manner between the AuralSolutions team and the Golf Director. In this way, the client, who has advanced WordPress user profiles, took control of the design and development, receiving real-time support from the AuralSolutions team for the more technical aspects of these tasks and for system configuration of private content, as well as payment platforms.

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The advantages of the methodology chosen in this project have been evident, since the problems derived from communication when placing content on the web are eliminated (the client himself carries out it with specific support). On the other hand, thanks to the support offered, the project has not suffered delays in its phases. The result: a website tailored to the needs of the Golf Director, with full control of exclusive content at various levels of membership and deployed in record time.

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* (Please note that the website may have changed since we created it and it may not be like the screenshot presented here)


  • WordPress

  • Responsive web design

  • Private Area

  • Payment platforms

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