Brand improvement + WordPress Website

Adaptive website in Spanish, created from the beginnig with the latest features in terms of web design. They far exceeded the expectations of the client, which started from the idea of ​​”a simple website to acquire an online presence”. The AuralSoltions team understood from the beginning that Txori0’0 needed something more than this, so we extended our hand to scale the project, finally leading to a complete work of brand improvement. The project includes professional photography, logos and advanced web design.

  • txori00 muestra principal auralsolutions
  • Txori00 central home view
  • txori00 muestra3 principal auralsolutions
  • txori00 muestra4 distribuidores auralsolutions
  • txori00 muestra5 distribuidores auralsolutions

In addition, the website presents powerful security features and web speed thanks to the acquisition of the packages WordPress SEO Speed Pack and WordPress Security Pack. The end result is an elegant, attractive website with the latest technical features in terms of WordPress websites, which gives Txori0’0 an outstanding online presence and corporate image, in keeping with its pioneering and original concept within the food sector.

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* (Please note that the website may have changed since we created it and it may not be like the screenshot presented here)


  • WordPress

  • Responsive web design

  • Photo

  • Brand Identity

  • Iconography