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List of our Web Hosting Features

Our web hosting packages have the following features in addition to those mentioned in the plans and pricing page:

General Features
Setup fee FREE!
Tech Support YES! You get the best tech support from our experienced team.
If you need assistance, please contact us using our ticket system. We’ll be pleased to assist you.
Storage on SSD! We use SSD disks on our servers for maximum performance. Up to 500Mb/s of read/write speeds! You’ll really see the difference.
Dedicated IP Optional at $32.75 /year. You need this if you want to install an SSL certificate.
Operating System We chose CloudLinux as the operating system for our servers to bring you maximum performance and security and plays great with cPanel! With CloudLinux if a customer web site is under attack or has a poor programming code which uses too much resources, other customers are not affected and continue benefitting of the maximum speed for their accounts! So you won’t be bothered by other web sites that don’t follow the best practices.
Control Panel cPanel with Multilingual interface and responsive mode. You can access your web hosting account from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Softaculous Premium Included: A collection of 380+ preinstalled scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, SEO Panel, Coppermine Photo Gallery… Think of one and sure we have it! You can install your web page easily in just one step. You can also see a demo version prior to installing. Softaculous allows you to auto update your site and plugins (in selected scripts only), take regular automatic backups and even clone an installation (site)! Gone are the days you’ll have to manually install a script.
Fantastico de Luxe Discontinued and replaced by Softaculous Premium, as it’s a much better option and more complete.
Password protect folders Restrict access to the folders of your choice, so they cannot be accessed by the public.
Cron jobs Run tasks periodically.
Indicator of disk space usage Know what is using your hosting space.
Web, FTP & Subdomains stats Awstats, Webalizer & Analog Statistics for your site, with graphs and lots of details about your visitors.
Subdomains Unlimited! You can have for example: or
A Subdomain is the part that precedes the domain, like the classical "www."
Forwarders Create subdomains and forward them to the address of your choice.
Addon Domains You can have multiple web sites under different domain names on your web hosting account if your hosting plan includes some Addon Domains. In any case, you can always upgrade to be able to have more addon domains.
FTP Manager Create FTP accounts for any specific need. For example: to give FTP access to a specific folder.
Databases Every plan allow you to have multiple databases. Either MySQL 5, SQLite 3 or PostgreSQL 8.
Database Managers We provide you PHPmyAdmin to manage your MySQL databases and phpPgAdmin for PostgreSQL databases
Apache 2 Web Server The most popular web server in the world!
PHP >5.4 We provide you the latest version of PHP, to have more power and flexibility while developing your web pages. It includes all the most popular libraries like GD (image library), mbstring, curl, FileInfo and more!
You also have the option to switch to your preferred php version!
Supported PHP versions: 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0
Perl Perl programming environment supported.
Ruby Ruby programming environment supported.
Loaders IonCube Loaders, SourceGuardian Loaders, Zend Guard Loader
CGI Possibility to run CGIs
SSI Server Side Includes
Email Features
POP Access You can configure your email accounts to read your emails from any email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, your smartphone, etc.
IMAP Access Access to your emails from anywhere: From your computer, your mobile, your laptop, etc…
Webmail Access your email accounts from any browser and any place in the World! Manage your emails with: RoundCube, Horde or SquirrelMail.
Multiple Email Accounts Each Hosting account allow you to have many email accounts.
Anti SPAM Our Servers use the latest Anti SPAM technology in conjuction with SpamAssassin, that works very well with Mozilla Thunderbird: the most popular free email client for the desktop (Mac, Linux and Windows).
Auto Responders You can use auto responders to send a message back automatically to anyone who sends an email to a certain account. This can be particularly useful for times when you are on vacation or unavailable or you simply want to notify the sender that you received the message and that you’re going to answer soon. It’s up to you!
Mailing Lists Mailing lists can be used to send messages frequently to a large amount of people for things such as newsletters, product updates, and more. cPanel allows you to update and configure your mailing lists to easily send out information to large groups of people.
You can also install any other mailing list software from Softaculous, in cPanel.
File Management and Utilities
Integrated File Manager Manage all the files from your hosting account with our full featured file manager. It allows you to upload, download, view, edit, delete, compress, uncompress, copy, move files and manage folders too. A very powerful tool.
Code Editor with Syntax Highlighter You can edit your files directly from the cPanel’s file manager with a very powerful interface that detects the format of the file and highlights the syntax of your code: php, html, etc…
Image resizing utility If you’re not an experienced computer user, you can use this tool to resize your images before publish them to your web site.
.htaccess files Create and edit .htaccess files to personalize your preferred directives for your web site!
Custom Error Pages You can have Custom Error Pages (like the well known 404 Error Page, when a page is not found), to display access errors with your own style.
Hotlink Protection HotLink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files on your website, preventing them to steal your bandwidth. An example of hotlinking would be using a tag to display an image from your site from somewhere else on the net. You are free to activate and deactivate this feature by yourself.
Error Log It records the errors from your web page, helping you to fix vulnerabilities from you web page.
Last Visits and Stats Know exactly how many visitors see your web page, from where they come (geographically and if they are referred form any other web page or search engine like Google), at what time they visit your web page, which operating system do they use, which browser do they use, etc…
Backups You can make backups of the Database/s, your full account, or just a part of it (selected folders). Backups are very important and strongly recommended for everybody. The Backup function also allows you to move your full account to another server or provider.
We give you the freedom to move whenever you want!
You can also restore single files, folders or just the database back in time from our automatic periodical backup.
Web Disk The Web Disk allows you to easily drag and drop files to your hosting account from your computer, by showing your web hosting account as another hard drive of your computer. Once your Web Disk is configured, you can then drag and drog files to it just like if they are part of your home computer. You can also navigate through the files in your hosting account just as you do with the files on your local computer.
Dropbox-like service Do you want to have your own platform similar to the famous “Dropbox” or “Google Drive”? You can have it on our servers. Just install “Own Cloud” with Softaculous in a single step and you’ll be ready to go in no time!
Calendar and Contacts If you care about privacy and you want to have your calendars and contacts synced from a secure and private place, then what’s better that your own private web hosting account? Compatible with CalDAV and CardDAV clients (iCal, Thunderbird, smartphones, etc…). You can also use this feature when you access your email account through webmail.
AtiVirus You can scan your web page folders for viruses and even your email accounts! Right from cPanel.
Extra Features
Attracta SEO Tools Improve your web site visibility to search engines with this great FREE Tool. Now available directly from your cPanel account. Premium plans available too.
CloudFlare Activate it for FREE from your cPanel account. CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. On average, a website on CloudFlare: loads twice as fast, uses 60% less bandwidth, has 65% fewer requests and is way more secure. See more details.
Connect cPanel to your client area You can login to your cPanel web hosting account directly from your client area by the simple press of a button! Now you just need to remember one login. You also can order services from your cPanel: those links will bring you directly to the appropriate page of your client area. Easy huh?


See it yourself

Our Hosting accounts offer many more features, but to explore them all, sign up now for an account and benefit from our 30-day money back guarantee!!! If you don’t like what you see in 30 days or less, we’ll give you back your money. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!