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AuralSolutions WordPress Security Pack

AuralSolutions WordPress Security Pack

Built-in security package for WordPress sites

What is it about?

We reinforce the security of your website in WordPress to protect it against the hundreds or thousands of daily attacks to which it is exposed. WordPress is a system widely used throughout the world and is usually a major focus of attacks.

The less importance is given to our website (such as thinking: Who will want to hack the web? If there is nothing there!), The more interesting it is for the attacker, who can use it for his misdeeds. The attackers use hacked websites to distribute malware, viruses, scam credit cards, etc … Most often do not go for the data, but to gain access to a system to use for their purposes, quickly ruining the reputation of the Web.

Cleaning an infected website requires a large investment normally (in addition to losses in sales and others), so why not go ahead and prevent it?
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