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About Us

Our Team is composed by young people that have really good skills in computer engineering. Some are dedicated to our support and sales area, some are in charge of our servers and others create stunning web pages, giving you the best advise about good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices.

We are all computer enthusiasts, willing to make you have the best experience while having your web page hosted with us or managing any other service we can provide you.

We treat each customer warmly, as an individual person with a specific need and not as a mere ticket or customer number. You can feel like talking with a friend with a professional touch, while you stay with us and when you feel that it’s time to go, we’ll feel sad to see you walking away, but we’ll help you with your “suitcase”, that you’ll need to carry with you to your new home.

So if you’re not yet part of this nice virtual family, you’re invited to join us and relax with peace of mind, as you’ll always be attended when you need it: we’ll take you by your hand and we’ll not let you fall down without doing our best to avoid it.

Our Web Hosting services offer servers with encrypted connections and access restrictions, so you can rest assured about your privacy and security.

We are also covered by our good reputation and the following seals confirm it, together with our customer testimonials. Please click on any seal to verify.

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Our team is skilled at:

Managing our own Servers


We manage our own servers

Our Professional Team has years of experience managing Linux Servers and we have high technical skills, so you can be sure that we upgrade them with the best configuration where Performance and Security meet!

Customer Support


We take care of you

…And we care about providing the best solution based upon your needs. Please feel free to contact our Support Team using Support Tickets whenever you need help!