Recently, hundreds of new TLDs extensions have been added to the list of domains we can buy. This list is continuously growing, so now we can register many new domain names with new extensions like .car, .estate, .immo, .property, .properties, .luxury, .attorney, .accountant, .bar, .coffee, .restaurant, .rest, .golf, .events, .city, .london and many, many more.

So, why should it matter to you if you already have your own .com or .net domain name, which seem to be the most popular extensions?

Nowadays the search engines start to take really into account these new extensions, because those new extensions help them better categorize a web page: like the place of the business or the category (cars, bars, luxury, real estate, etc…). With a good domain name with the new TLDs extension, you can make your web site rise at the top of the search engine results.
We invite you to read the following external article, that will bring you some light on how important the new TLDs are.

Can moving to a new TLD boost search rankings?

These new TLDs are a great inversion to boost up your web page SEO score (Search Engine Optimization) and even reduce significantly your pay per click costs.

As a base strategy, the best practice is to have the