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WordPress SEO Speed Pack2019-06-14T18:58:39+02:00
Hire WordPress SEO Speed ​​Pack
Hire WordPress SEO Speed ​​Pack



This pack includes:

  • 1st year Pro speed plugin license.
    After 25€/year.

  • Customized technical support.

  • Speed ​​comparison report before vs after.

  • WordPress speed optimization.

  • Advanced speed settings under web server directives.

Hire WordPress SEO Speed ​​Pack Now!

299€. Includes 1st year of premium speed add-in license. After, 25€/year

Man hiring AuralSolutions WordPress Security Pack

Extra value

GIFT and to further improve the speed of your website, we can migrate it to our secure servers with data center in Spain totally FREE during the first month with the HP-XT10 plan!

If you still have doubts, please feel free to contact us through the chat below on the right. If we are not online (we are from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm), leave a message and we will contact you by email or phone if you have gave it us.

Our Reputation


I wanted to have an online presence for my product: “Chorizos Veganos”. I commissioned the web to AuralSolutions that have done a job that I loved, including the speed and security package for my WordPress website. I can only thank them for the professionalism they have shown me and the effectiveness of their work.

Daniel M., Txori 0'0

I decided to implement the speed package of AuralSolutions since the creation of my website in 2014. Since then, with the normal updates, it has worked exceptionally. I absolutely recommend the great solutions they offer for the web.

José Andrés B.A., El Método Blay

My web was slow and sometimes not even the whole content was displayed or an error appeared. AuralSolutions offered me the speed package and everything was wonderfull since then. Its good performance now encourages me to continue creating content and advancing in its design.

Before knowing the benefits of AuralSolutions, we thought that our electronic commerce worked correctly. Since we followed his recommendations to migrate to his hosting and installed the speed package, the improvement has been remarkable. Our website works like a shot!

We must reverse the situation

Your slow web does not like your visitors

“53% of users who enter a web page from a mobile device leave it if it does not load in 3 seconds.”

“It is estimated that for every second of additional load that exceeds 3 seconds, we lose 7% of sales “

“80% of customers do not return to a slow e-commerce “

– Forrester –

Can I sign up for the WordPress speed pack if I do not have the web hosted on AuralSolutions?2019-06-14T17:00:44+02:00

Yes, you can. However there may be restrictions by some web hosting providers that may prevent some types of adjustments or that may simply have a lower level of features compared to what we have in AuralSolutions, which is to take into account if we care about the speed of our website, the data stored in it and above all, if our business depends on it.

Even so, if you prefer to stay in another external web hosting, we will cover all aspects of speed that the system allows, which will always be much more than not having any optimization.

Will the speed of my site depend solely on this speed pack?2019-06-14T17:01:09+02:00

No. There are many factors that determine the speed of a site. We guarantee an improvement in the performance of your WordPress page after having applied the package, but we must take into account a series of good practices to avoid damaging the result of the optimization work carried out.

So, the performance of the hosting server where the web page is installed also influences. Although it is not mandatory, from AuralSolutions we recommend the use of our hosting plans to obtain better results, since this also allows us to exploit the speed characteristics that we offer through our SSD web hosting. The migration is free.

Do I have to do something to maintain the speed of my site once implanted?2019-06-14T16:59:34+02:00

Yes: it is advisable not to overload the installation of WordPress with plugins dispensable or heavy. You also have to take care of the material that is uploaded to the web (photos, video, etc). From AuralSolutions we will provide you with detailed information on good practices to follow in this regard, as well as recommendations on optimization tools.

How long will it take to optimize the speed of my website?2019-06-14T16:43:06+02:00

Depending on the type of website, the time may vary and above all it depends on the number of tests we perform. The work can be done in a day, and can be extended to 3 or 4 in some occasions. We must ensure that the speed settings do not interfere with the operation of some web plugins. We also have to prepare a detailed process report.

Is it necessary to renew the premium speed plugin annual license?2019-06-14T17:00:18+02:00

The premium speed plugin that we use represents an important part in all the work we do, although it is not the only thing we play. After a year, the license will expire unless it is renewed, so the plugin will no longer be updated, which will affect the speed of the site and for this reason we strongly recommend keeping it. The annual license has a very low quota compared to the work that the speed optimization system is doing. We consider this a very good investment, since the performance is essentially based on this plugin.

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