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WHMCS .ES WHOIS and domain check configuration

In order to be able to connect to the WHOIS server on port 43 for the .ES domain extension, you need to contact the Spanish authority and ask them to whitelist your server IP.
In WHMCS software from the .ES domain check and WHOIS needs also that you make some easy changes to the system and configuration. Here you have the procedure to have it up and running in just some easy steps.

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.htaccess basics

.htaccess basics

For sure you’ve already seen that “.htaccess” file in your web hosting account and maybe you’ve been asking yourself what is it used for. In this article it is explained the basics to learn how to use the .htaccess.

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How to recover a MacBook Pro from a water shower to recover a MacBook Pro from a water shower

Well, this could sound a little funny, but in fact it isn’t… When you’re working peacefully and suddenly someone accidentally pours nearly a fourth of gallon (near a liter) of water on the keyboard of your MacBook Pro and it turns off immediately, your blood suddenly freezes… but… if you could survive the shock and… READ MORE

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Block SPAM from your cPanel account SPAM from your cPanel account

You can block SPAM emails even before they enter into your inbox folder, directly from your cPanel account by following these steps for activating SpamAssassin and setting up Account Level Filtering. First of all, login to your cPanel account and scroll down to the “Email Management Tools” box. 1- Activate SpamAssassin Click on SpamAssassin and check… READ MORE

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How to backup Thunderbird data, emails and contacts to backup Thunderbird data, emails and contacts

See how to backup Thunderbird. We explain how to backup all your emails and contacts or move them to another computer. Cross-browsing compatible: If you’re moving from a Windows computer to a Mac, just copy the Thunderbird data folder to the proper place in the Mac and you’ll have everything there back again.

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