For sure you’ve already seen that “.htaccess” file in your web hosting account and maybe you’ve been asking yourself:

  1. What’s the use of that file?
  2. What can I do with it?
  3. Can I delete it?

Well, the .htaccess file offers a very simple way to:

  1. Harden the security of your web hosting account
  2. Create redirections
  3. Customize several aspects of how the files are served
  4. Setup the famous “custom error pages”
  5. Protect folders from unauthorized access
  6. and several other interesting and useful things you may do with it

If you see that you have that file in your web hosting public_html root folder, we recommend you not to delete it, because it probably already has some configurations you may have set from cPanel. Remember that you can always send us a support ticket request to solve your doubts.

Even if it offers a simple way to perform the previous actions and many more, we need to know the syntax in order to use it.
The following link contains a nice tutorial that will introduce you to the usage if the .htaccess file. We hope you find it of your interest.

Apache .htaccess tweaking tutorial »

Many thanks to the author (Paolo Tagliaferri) for taking the time to write it.