Nowadays it is common to have a web page, either personal or for the business. The web page is the online presence of the person or company. Like a virtual business card with some contact info and a description about the services that the company offers or even a complete online shop the business can use to sell its products and services.

What it’s important to know is that today most people first search in Internet what they need and if a company has it’s own web page, there is an extra chance to capture these potential customers, so if you still don’t have a web site, think of having one, even simple, but clear, because it’s another way to get found.

There are several ways and tools to make a web page, like hiring a professional to make your web site, using prebuilt engines like WordPress or by doing it yourself and your way and after you’ve found your preferred one, it comes the time when you need a web hosting provider to host your web page and register your domain name.

First of all, you must know that in order to have a web site, you need a place to host that web site and the email accounts like “”. Therefore, you need a web hosting account with an amount of storage and specifications according to the requirements of the web site you’re going to make.

But why choose a web hosting provider or another?
How can you know if that web hosting provider is suitable for your needs?
You may be new in this and you may easily get lost in all the technical specifications you see in their web pages, so we’ve put together a couple of things you need to take into account when you’re looking for a web hosting provider to place your web page.

The following recommendations are based on the average needs, so it could be the case that they don’t fit exactly your specific needs. Please feel free to get in touch with us under any doubts you may have on this respect.

So what should you expect from a web hosting provider?

  • First and most important: Good and fast SUPPORT. You should be always attended in a short period of time, fairly, with respect and receiving a good and comprehensive answer that helps you solve your problem. At AuralSolutions we give you several ways to get in touch with us and we always answer all your questions very fast: by Chat, Email and Support Tickets.
  • Have a good control panel (like cPanel) to manage your web hosting account and services. The control panel should allow you to save you time by quickly perform the most common actions like: create email accounts, manage databases, make backups, have an online file explorer, have a strong anti SPAM software and manager (so you can customize the SPAM rules to suit your needs), see statistics of your web site (visits), access your emails by webmail, install prebuilt engines like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc…
    At AuralSolutions you have the best rated control panel: cPanel. It’s full of features and easy to use and learn. We also offer you all the Softaculous Premium auto install scripts for free, directly installable from cPanel (Currently more than 300 scripts like WordPress).
  • Linux or Windows Hosting? Well, if your site will be written in “ASP” or “ASPX”, then go for a Windows web hosting, otherwise (for php, perl, pyton, ruby…) we recommend to take a Linux web hosting: It’s usually cheaper, more stable, faster and more secure (specially against viruses). Currently most web pages are written using PHP programming language.
  • The web hosting provider should have a list of features included with the web hosting account they offer, publicly displayed on its web page. In that list, you should expect to see more or less what you see in our web hosting list of features, but pay special attention to the programming languages that are supported and their modules. For example: it’s very important that PHP comes at least with GD, mbstring, curl
    IonCube loaders are very important, since they are used by some proprietary software.
    You should also be able to set up “Cron Jobs“, which allow you to schedule automated commands and are used by some web engines.
  • The web hosting provider should offer you some “easy to install” software (Like Softaculous Premium or Fantastico de Luxe) to allow you to easily install prebuilt web pages like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc… These are solutions that will allow you to have your web page ready, up and running in minutes and with no technical nor programming skills! With such a tool, you will be able to install an already prebuilt web page that has a control panel that allows you to customize the look and feel of your web page and the contents, by accessing with your username and password.
    By our experience, we can tell you that Softaculous Premium is far more complete and easy to use than Fantastico de Luxe.

So with all this in mind and many other severe technical aspects, we’ve built the best web hosting packages for you to work and forget about the need of solving unusual problems. Plus you’re considered like a person and not like a mere customer number, receiving the warm touch that you deserve. We’re here at your service.