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Thanks to the support of our customers and the new technologies arising, we have been able to multiply the power of our web hosting plans by 10!!!
They’re also cheaper!

During this week we will perform the migration of all the current accounts to the new plans at NO CHARGE! The new pricing will be applied the next billing date as normal.

The following table shows how the migration will be performed:

OLD Plan NEW Plan
HP-Pro 250 » HP-Pro2
HP-Pro 500 » HP-Pro5
HP-Pro 1K » HP-XT10
HP-Pro 2K » HP-XT20
HP-XT 4K » HP-XT20

We invite you to see the new details of our web hosting packages and check it for yourself. Take advantage of the new “.es” and “.ru” domains promotion to have your FREE domain if you take it with a new hosting plan. See the announcement!


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We have high quality web hosting, domains and other related web services for your presence online at affordable prices. We offer ONLY High Quality Web Hosting. If you were looking for "cheap" services with a poor client support, please look somewhere else. We care for the Quality and satisfaction of our clients.

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