Today we had the chance to test the new Avada 6 visual editor on the front end and we can confirm that it is a real blast! 😃 The upgrade has gone very well since the previous version (5.9.1) and it really increases the efficiency of page layout a lot: It is much faster! 🚀

You can see all the changes live and instantly when you edit a page and you can see exactly how it looks. No more clicking on the preview button, waiting for it to load and if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can make the change again and repeat the preview… That’s a thing of the past!

Of course, it still keeps the block editor to make adjustments in cases where the design view does not allow us to see some things (such as a transparent separator, an element that is displayed on mobile, but not on computer, etc …) or simply that we find it easier to move objects from there on occasion. In those cases it is worth to be able to continue using that view.

We recommend viewing the 🎬 presentation video and the news page on their website, where all the details are available:

Below is the Avada “changelog”. Valid for all versions, even after this article:
Here you can see all the changes that have been made in each update.

Before upgrading to Avada 6, please make a backup of the site: Files and database; you never know 😉

For those who do not know it yet, Avada is a very complete WordPress theme that in two words, “It just rocks!
Not for nothing it’s at the TOP of the list of WordPress themes all these years in themeforest marketplace.

It offers spectacular tools for editing and designing the pages and does not limit you in assembling the web page you really want.

We use this theme a lot to set up the WordPress pages we make and we recommend it for the following reasons:

  1. How scalable it is: They are always releasing updates with improvements; both improvements to existing tools, as well as introducing new tools and demo designs to take ideas from.
  2. Reasonably priced lifetime license (no annual renewals). You pay once and get upgrades forever.
  3. How complete it is: It offers virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to assembling a design.
  4. Ease of use once you know the system a little bit. In a few clicks and dragging elements, you can put images, text, graphics and more with cool effects and a clean, modern and responsive presence.
  5. The integrated management of cookies that it makes, to adapt our website to the GDPR: we should not overlook these details.
  6. It allows you to use a child theme very easily (it comes ready-made), for further customization.
  7. It allows us to save the client a good amount of money, both by reducing hours of development to create or modify a website, and even prepare only the basic structure and the client himself / herself to finish assembling the web, looking very good. While not everyone is able to get into designing a website, for those who dare and have desire, will have a great tool and with all our support for the more technical parts of web development (which exist).


We have detected a PHP warning generated in the server log (error_log), related to the theme translation files. In principle it is not a problem that affects the functionality of the page, but it can cause the error log file to grow out of proportion. It can be easily solved by editing these translation files and correcting some bugs in the translation, for example:

Error en ficheros de traduccion Avada

Do you want to develop your website with the Avada WordPress theme? Do you have any doubts? Do not hesitate to contactact our support team. We will be happy to assist you!

Contact the AuralSolutions team

New in version 6.1

They have already included the translation files in the updates and at AuralSolution we have taken the opportunity to send the correction to this language file error, we have even added some more very important translations that were missing, so that we all benefit! Since the languages are maintained by the community and not by the Avada team, what less than giving something back to Avada, giving us so much value on their part with this great WordPress theme!

You can see the GitHub repository of Avada translations here, in case anyone else is interested in collaborating: